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Registered Products: RRSPs, RESPs RRIFs

There are many different registered savings and investment tools and each serves a different purpose.  Making the right choices at the right times is critical to your financial well-being. We’ll help you choose the right registered tools for your investments and execute how you use investments for retirement or even buying a first home.


Spousal RRSPs



Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs)

Tax-Free-Savings Accounts are the most misunderstood financial product out there. TFSAs are also an outstanding choice for members with pensions and for anyone who wants a more balanced and tax-efficient way to save for retirement.

  • TFSAs allows allow you to generate investment growth without triggering taxes. And unlike an RRSP, you can use your accumulated wealth in a TFSA without paying tax on it.
  • TFSAs fit medium to long-term financial strategies and complement pension plans (of all kinds).
  • Unlike RRSPs, there are no limits on how long you shelter the funds – so the TFSA helps you well into your later retirement years.
  • TFSA withdrawals are not included in your income and will not impact OAS payments.

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