Homepage Top Buttons (rates)

These two buttons are located within the Top Menu. Modify the Navigation label as needed. If a new link is required for one of the simply remove the unwanted item. Select the page you want to link to and add that page to the menu and then change the navigation label as needed. You must only have two menu items in this menu.

Homepage Choices

Each choice on the homepage comes from the Homepage Choices menu. Modified here. Add, Remove, Re-arrange as needed. All items added to this menu must be a page. When adding a new page to this menu you must fill out the special fields on each page labeled under “Page Custom Fields”. And you must also fill out the Excerpt value for each page in this menu. (found on the right side of the edit page) This is the same description located under the large image.

Other Menus

The main menu can be modified here and the footer menu here

Special Announcements

To add or remove a special announcement to the home go to the special announcements page. It is easiest to edit the special announcement already created. Edit it and modify or the title, body and start and end dates the announcement will show during is below. The announcement can also be a link. Fill in the hyperlink field below the date fields to add a hyperlink to the announcement box. When clicked the user is brought to the page or attachment hyperlinked in a new tab. Be sure to add or remove this value each time you change the announcement.