OPPA Credit Union was started by officers like you in 1971. Since then, we’ve focused solely on helping OPP officers, staff and their families achieve financial security. We’ve done it well according to our members – we’ve got to know thousands of people just like you over the years, and that experience is invaluable when it comes to helping you secure a bright financial future today.

A lot has changed since we began. There are banks on every corner and you don’t need to be in one to do your banking. What your pension will cover in your retirement years has changed, how you save and borrow has changed, how you and your family members build security for the future has changed.

OPPA Credit Union has done better than keep up with change and we still answer our phones when you call (imagine how easy that makes everything!). Our products, services and financial planning/investment advice are second to none. How you access your money and move it into and out of your accounts with us is super easy and convenient no matter where you live.

What hasn’t changed is simply this: We’ve always got your back. Because we understand your lifestyle and challenges, we can fit financial services and ideas to you better than anyone else. We do it without bias, sales agendas and commissions on that advice. What’s good for you is best for us too. 

That’s financial backup for life. That’s what we offer over 8,000 members with over $225 million in assets. That’s what you get here that you’ll not find anywhere else. And we think that’s what you need to know About Us to get started.

Give us a call – start getting financial backup for life today.

Key Facts

  • Your deposits with banks are insured federally for up to $100,000. Your deposits with OPPA Credit Union are insured provincially for up to $250,000 for non-registered investments and there are no limits for registered investments. You tell us which protection is better.
  • We have one branch in Barrie – but almost unlimited access through a world-class ATM network and by phone, email, text and online. We were a virtual bank before virtual banking became a thing.
  • Your advice team is qualified to help you with all your financial opportunities and challenges; one team, who get to know you and who pro-actively helps you and your family get ahead.
  • We’ll help with as much of your banking as you need us to. From accounts to credit cards and loans. But what’s really useful is our ability and passion for helping our members. Ask us for a second opinion and let’s build your net worth together.

OPPA Credit Union Vision, Mission & Values

These are our guiding principles – that said, skip to the last part of this section to find out what it all means.        

The OPPA Credit Union is the trusted financial institution of choice for the OPP family, for life.

The OPPA Credit Union uses our knowledge of the OPP family to provide members with the financial products you need and advice you can trust throughout your life.

These principles and values guide the actions of the OPPA Credit Union and ensure we earn the trust of our members:

  • Our focus is on the OPP family – active and retired, officers and civilian members of the Ontario Provincial Police Association – and your immediate families.
  • We establish life-long relationships with our members.
  • We provide advice that is tailored to each member, along with a range of financial products and services.
  • We work hard to create a culture that leads to knowledgeable and engaged staff, who provide the trusted advice our members expect.
  • Our highest priorities are safeguarding our members’ money and offering advice you trust.

Bottom line: We do what’s right for our members!

Member Service Promise

Governance & Management

When you join OPPA Credit Union, you become a member and you own shares. So as a shareholder, you may want to spend a few minutes to learn more about how the credit union is governed and managed – or more specifically, about who sits on the Board of Directors (oversight) and on the Management Team (day-to-day operations and strategy).

Start with the latest Annual Report to get a sense of your credit union’s business performance.

Annual Reports

Each year we publish an Annual Report for members. The report outlines the previous year’s accomplishments and includes key financial statements.

Contact Sherri Degroot (sherri@oppacu.com) for information about next year’s Annual General Meeting (April 2020).

Board Of Directors

Like all credit unions, the OPPA Credit Union has a board of directors responsible for setting direction and overseeing the credit union on behalf of its members. Directors are elected by members, and every member in good standing has the right to seek election to the board.

The board has five key responsibilities:

  • Establishing strategic direction and regularly reviewing that direction to ensure that it responds to the changing environment in which the OPPA Credit Union operates.
  • Hiring and delegating authority to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to manage and supervise the day-to-day business of the OPPA Credit Union.
  • Monitoring the OPPA Credit Union’s performance, including financial results, progress against annual and long-term goals and plans, compliance with board policies, and effective risk management.
  • Communicating with members and other stakeholders, including reporting on progress through the Annual Report and at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Monitoring and ensuring appropriate and effective governance of the OPPA Credit Union.

If you have questions or comments for your board of directors, please send an email to Board Secretary Karen Zammit karen@oppacu.com.

Board Members

Here is our current board of directors:

We appreciate the time and effort that our directors dedicate to planning our future and ensuring that the best interests of members are always at the forefront of the OPPA Credit Union’s operation. Directors attend regular board meetings and participate on board committees.

Frank Bertucca
John Tod
Vice Chair
Steve Rideout
Audit Chair
Matt Lewandowski
Tanya Hodgins
Harold Coffin
Sandy Thomas


The board has established five committees to help carry out its responsibilities. In addition to serving on the board, each director participates on at least one of these committees.

  • The Governance/Executive Committee oversees the work and effectiveness of the board and its committees, and progress on strategic and annual business plans.
  • The Audit Committee oversees the work of internal and external auditors, evaluates financial statements and ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  • The Nominating Committee oversees the recruitment, nomination, evaluation and selection of board members.
  • The CEO Performance Management Committee reviews and approves human resources policies, and manages the CEO’s performance evaluations.
  • The Policy Review Committee is responsible for developing governance policies and overseeing their implementation.

OPPA Credit Union’s Management Team

Your credit union’s management team includes seasoned financial services professionals in all aspects of the business. The team’s prudent, practical approach behind the scenes allows us to offer our members the right selection of products, services and new ideas in perfect balance.

Meet the Team

Bill Whyte
Andrew Shannon
Sherri deGroot
Director Brand & Business Development
Karen Zammit
Director Credit & Compliance
James Page
Director Member Experience and Financial Services
Shelagh Pepper
Director Employee Services

Frequently Asked Questions

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