Mobile Banking

Our MemberDirect® Mobile Web Banking gives you 24-hour mobile access to your OPPA Credit Union accounts. Using any web-enabled phone, you can:

  • Transfer funds (future dated, immediate and recurring)
  • Pay bills (current or postdated)
  • Search for specific account information
  • Transfer funds from one member’s account to another (within the OPPA Credit Union)

If you have a smartphone (iPhone, Google Android or BlackBerry), MemberDirect's mobile banking now offers a data display structured exclusively for the smartphone's screen.

You can also find an ATM using the ATM Locator, which uses your smartphone's GPS function to find the nearest ATM to your location and give you directions by transit, car or on foot.

To Get Set up

Getting started is easy.  All you need is access to online banking and your mobile phone.

Using your IPhone, Android or BlackBerry visit

The personal access code is the same access code you use for telephone and internet banking.  Remember your access code is confidential and private and must not be released to anyone.

If you do not have a personal access code or would like assistance logging into mobile banking, please contact our office at 1-800-461-4288


Find an ATM

Enter address, postal code or branch name