Me2Me Transfers

Members can transfer funds to and from your accounts held at OPPA Credit Union and those held at other financial institutions.

Me2Me Transfer is a convenient way to transfer money, saving you trips between financial institutions or an alternative to writing yourself a cheque and the expense of a wire transfer.

Me2Me Transfer is easy to set up, simply complete and return a one-time online banking Me2Me Transfer Authorization form.


  • Me2Me Transfers are fee-free
  • Me2Me Transfers may take up to three days to complete the clearing process
  • Money may be transferred between U.S. dollar accounts, but both U.S. accounts must be held at Canadian financial institutions; transfer may not be made between Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar accounts
  • The daily outgoing transfer limit is $25,000. The daily incoming transfer limit is $50,000.  Weekly and monthly limits also apply
  • There are no additional fees for incoming or outgoing Me2Me Transfers (beyond the applicable account debit transaction fee)



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