The MEMBER CARD® is your credit union debit card. Your card lets you pay for purchases electronically at the point of sale via INTERAC Direct Payment, with the funds coming from your chequing or savings account. With a MEMBER CARD® and a PIN, you can also withdraw cash from your credit union account at virtually any automatic teller machine (ATM) across Canada.
To access your account, just go to a credit union ATM or any ATM with THE EXCHANGE® , Interac®, PLUS® or CIRRUS® symbols:

  • THE EXCHANGE® Network – This network gives you convenient access to your accounts at over 3500 full-service ATMs across Canada, without paying additional surcharges. It includes most credit unions as well as machines at Mac's and Circle K Convenience Stores, the National Bank, HSBC Bank Canada and Citibank Canada. Deposits and withdrawals are permitted.
  • Credit Union ATMs – You can withdraw funds at many credit union ATMs without incurring additional surcharges.
  • Interac® Network – You can use any ATM that is part of the Interac® Network. You must pay a surcharge with each transaction.
  • PLUS® and CIRRUS® Networks – These networks allow you to access your account from locations outside of Canada.

To Order a MEMBER CARD® debit card

  • Log into Online Banking and fill out a MEMBER CARD® Application form.
  • An agreement form will be sent to you for signature.
  • You’ll need to call your Financial Advisor to choose a four-digit personal access code.
  • Your new MEMBER CARD® debit card will be mailed to you.

It’s important to protect your MEMBER CARD® debit card at all times. You should never lend your card to anyone. For personal protection, you should never reveal your PIN to anyone, carry your PIN in written form or select an obvious combination of digits.

To report a lost or stolen MEMBER CARD®, call 1-800-567-8111.



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