ATM Locations

Click on the links below to search for the ATM nearest you. You will need a MEMBER CARD® debit card to access your account from an ATM.

THE EXCHANGE® Network for ATMs is available through credit unions, National Bank, HSBC Bank of Canada and Citibank Canada. There are no surcharges associated with ATMs that are part of THE EXCHANGE® network of ATMs. Just look for THE EXCHANGE® symbol.
THE EXCHANGE® ATM locator is now available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry smartphones. It uses your smartphone's GPS to find the nearest machine to your location, and gives you directions by transit, car or on foot. You can dowload THE EXCHANGE® ATM locator app free from your app store. Or you can visit on your mobile browser (or the maps application) and type in the search words "Exchange ABM". The tool will provide results based on the proximity to your phone's location. The application is free, although standard data rates apply.
You can use your MEMBER CARD® debit card at any ATM that is part of the Interac® Network.

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