Buying Or Selling Your Home

Buying or selling your home can seem overwhelming. Each situation is unique. Getting advice you can trust that is specific to you is critical.

We're here to help you at each step in the process. You can rest assured that You'll be getting a highly competitive interest rate. You don’t need to feel like a master negotiator when you deal with us.

The benefits of holding your mortgage with the OPPA Credit Union are numerous.

  • We’re here for you wherever the OPP moves you. We serve all of Ontario and will not force you to break your mortgage.
  • We’ll work with the OPP relocation program on your behalf to get you the most savings.
  • We can offer payroll deduction so that you can have your mortgage payment come directly from your pay cheque to your credit union, making paying your mortgage painless and easy.

Your Financial Advisor can guide you every step of the way. We have helped many members and their families through the maze of decisions you face when you move.

Buying Your First Home

Our first-time home buyers’ primer outlines the key steps in the process.

Selling Your Home And Buying Another

Here are some strategies for selling your current home and buying a new one.

Managing Your Mortgage

Some tips for saving on your mortgage, renewing early and choosing the right term



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