Becoming a Member

Ready to join the OPPA Credit Union?

You’ll first need to confirm your eligibility. Like many credit unions, the OPPA Credit Union has a bond of association that specifies who can join. To become a member of the OPPA Credit Union, you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be an OPP officer
  • Be a civilian member of the OPP or OPPA
  • Be an immediate family member of somebody who meets the above criteria

If you’re ready to proceed, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:
Complete our short new member form to express your interest.

Step 2:
Once you submit the form, a Financial Advisor will contact you by phone or e-mail – whichever you indicate as your preference. The advisor will discuss your financial requirements with you and recommend the best products or services to meet your needs. He or she will then send you a membership kit.

Step 3:
Your membership kit will include an account application and agreement forms. It will ask for proof of identification, which you can supply by submitting a copy of your driver’s license witnessed by a Commissioner of Oath or by sending us a voided personalized cheque (displaying your name and address) from another financial institution. Complete all the forms and return them to us by mail or in person.

As a member, you are also a shareholder.  Every member owns one share in the credit union. While the cost is normally $100 per share, we’ll cover this cost for you, as long as you retain your membership in the OPPA Credit Union for at least ten years. If you close your account within one to 10 years, the credit union will retain 100% of the value of your shares. After 10 years, you’ll receive the full value of your shares.

The process of joining can be immediate, depending on how quickly you complete and submit the forms. If you’ve opted for payroll deduction, it usually takes effect within two pay periods (or one month) after you join.

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